Are you sick & tired of olive fruit flies? 

Do you want to stop olive fruit flies from damaging your olives?

Olive Fruit Fly Bait kills olive fruit flies!

Proper use of properly placed non-toxic olive Fruit fly lures or olive Fruit fly Bait is to control olive Fruit fly pests by killing them without spraying your crops; hence your crop has no residual pesticide residues. Our lures' added trojan horse's benefit or domino effect is to attract and contaminate enough individual insects in such a way that those contaminated individual insects go back into the swarm of insects to contaminate them all.

Our goal is to sell olive fruit fly bait for $200 to $400 per relatively square acre groves per year based on 10 to 20 bait stations per acre.  Smaller, rectangular, or odd shaped groves with more perimeter to acreage than square groves will need more bait stations per acre.  As live stock flies are also attracted to eat olive fly bait if you have nearby horses, cows, sheep, or other livestock then they may eat fly bait more quickly than olive fruit flies only.

To purchase olive fruit fly bait: email: , Telephone: 808-437-3864 

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PURPOSE STATEMENT:  Olive fruit fly lures and bait control olive fruit fly pest insects without chemical pesticides contacting crop: thus no crop pesticide residues.

The pictures below here till you start

These lures are protected by Patent No.: US 9,307,755 B1; Second & third US Patents Pending; International Patents Pending.

For fun for you to see how we prototype tested our olive fruit fly bait we are including  pictures and drawings below of our original field testing prior to EPA approval.  Please click on icon above "Olive Fruit Fly Bait Label" to read current EPA approved application techniques.

 Olive fruit fly bait   Olive fruit fly bait   Olive fruit fly bait   Olive fruit fly bait   Olive fruit fly bait   Olive Fruit Fly Bait  

If you use plastic wrap to reduce unraveling please wrap it very tight.  At end of wrapping pull hard to tear wrap to seal it.  This takes some practice.

 Olive Fruit Fly Bait

Olive fruit fly bait   Olive fruit fly bait   Olive fruit fly bait   4 lure deployment diagramOlive fruit fly bait

If you have pest insects in our current bait lineup please let us know if you want to test our prototype insect baits.  In exchange for writing test results we provide test bait free.

Olive fruit fly